Stories from the field: Colorado Horticulture Industry and beyond

Stories from the field: Colorado Horticulture Stories and beyond

I have decided to take the project I’m calling, Stories from the Field. In the field of horticulture we have a broad spectrum of skills and hobbies that makes life very interesting. I am going to share those stories by recording the story on StoryCorps.

My first interview was with Bob Heath, friend and mentor. Who spent most of his adult life in the green industry of Colorado and beyond. Listen to his story here. 

For my second interview I travel south to Colorado Springs and interviewed the Billy Harding family of Harding’s Nursery est. 1957. From how he started out in the nursery business to a goat who traveled over 5000 miles with Billy.

Please let me know if you are interested in being interviewed.

Thanks Michelle


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